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Hope is imbued in our self-expression. Creating something out of nothing, communicating, this is where beauty exists.

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No Sleep Tonight
No Sleep Tonight
I'm so hungry, if I was a lion...
I'm so hungry, if I was a lion...
half and half
Self-Centered Love
Self-Centered Love
The End of the World
The End of the World
Without A Name
Without A Name
nude FINGURE Painting
I want to be a cow
I want to be a cow
Follow Me Into The Dark
Election Night Madness, For What It's Worth
Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet
An Ode to the Berkeley DGs
An Ode to the Berkeley DGs
My Girlfriend's Braces
My Girlfriend's Braces
Sunbeam Foundation
Tall Grass
Hand in Hand (live)
Not Today
In the Middle of a Dream
Brad's Backdrop What is this?
How can you live with yourself? I guess I'm not really embarrassed...Maybe more embarrassed that I can do a mean cover of Backstreet. But Till the End of the Road gives me a funny feeling I still can't get over.
Why? Living through the Holocaust and concentration camp is quite an amazing feat of resilience, luck, and mental strength...I respect everything she live through all that, raise relatively normal kids and grandkids, props. I will post some stories on this site...
Why? Duh. It's the longest song ever, so if you find a good partner, it is quite blissful. Slow dancing with your eyes closed, getting dizzy at the fast part at the end..
Why or why not? I learned it that way, and I have pride in my elementary school education. That's seriously where I learned the most. Science. Check. History. Check. Writing....Pluto is a planet damn it.
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LLUIS MARTI said: (on May 2, 2010)
Hello Brad, How are you? You have been inspired by New Haven, which makes me happy but can you tell me how did you come into the song? I am new in backlight and would like to understand better what it all means. Your music sounds meticulously arranged and very professional, I have been listening to the chops in your web page. It's an honour to be spotted out. Thank you! Lluis
Angela Torney said: (on Apr 27, 2010)
Thanks for the vote of confidence! Love the concept of Backlight, by the way-- found Backlight because of Stanford's Art Affair, and I think it's a really great idea. :)
Nina Keebler said: (on Mar 8, 2010)
Brad, you are rad.
Backlight, is just right.
Poet, you know it.
Trish Logan Hillery said: (on Feb 25, 2010)
Hi Brad, I'm new to Backlilght, but love the sight so far. Such wonderfully creative people; I'm so incredibly inspired!
Chalis Stefani said: (on Jun 10, 2009)
Thank you! Very good to be here--i have loved looking and listening and reading on backlight-- i think this is some of the most important stuff of life!
Arianna Urban said: (on Jun 5, 2009)
Thanks so much for coming to talk to our SCU photo class on Thursday. I think what you guys are doing is pretty rad and I hope it's successful!
Jasmine Mann said: (on May 23, 2009)
Thanks for the comment!
Johnna Medina said: (on May 2, 2009)
Hey! thanks for the publicity putting me on the first page! and you should totally purchase a pair! glad you like my shoes, thanks for the support!
Diana Bowers said: (on Apr 24, 2009)
hi friend!
Allure said: (on Apr 23, 2009)
Thanks again for featuring "The Barrier", and for following me. It's much appreciated!
Faraz Hossein-Babaei said: (on Apr 16, 2009)
Thanks Brad! You have great music here! See you at desserts.
Ariana Koblitz said: (on Apr 16, 2009)
hey! I checked out your site-- kudos, you've got something really good going on here. :)
Natalia Ricotta said: (on Apr 15, 2009)
Hey Brad, I put up the pictures from the Acts of Intolerance exhibit. Just wanted to let you know.
Michael Laccabue said: (on Apr 10, 2009)
thanks brad! there's rancho san antonio just off of foothill by 280, and fremont older preserve is up prospect in the hills. both are excellent :)
Georgia Sedlack said: (on Mar 24, 2009)
thanks:) i like yours too! haha.
Sacha Hanigan said: (on Mar 12, 2009)
Thank you for featuring the silver lining Brad.. your comment was really lovely too. I've sent this site's link to a bunch of friends across the world, love it.
Sean Duncan said: (on Feb 26, 2009)
just read your bio, very cool man. I saw you play last year or the year before at Art Affair and it was very awesome
Jessica Kuras said: (on Feb 16, 2009)
listening to brad wolfe and the moon at the coho!
Gloria Lee said: (on Feb 12, 2009)
thank yoooouuu!! your backbrite is awesome too. i had a phase where i kept saying cheers cus my cousins from aussie rubbed off onto me. :P
Liz Adelman said: (on Feb 11, 2009)

You are such a gift to our world in so many ways. is very much my exact life manta in a website!! I love that it offers a beautiful platform for people to focus on what inspires them and what they can give back and share with others who are doing the same. We sometimes are too flooded with ideas, encounters, problems, and worry that stress the wrong message about life...this website to me is the exact opposite. It highlights what life is really all I am excited to explore and develop myself here and I THANK YOU for all that you do and all that you are. I think there is a good reason why we keep running into each other. Love, Liz
Sacha Hanigan said: (on Feb 2, 2009)
Good to meet you the other night Brad... and thanks to you guys for creating such a great site! I'll be telling folks about it :)

By the way, loved your music and have to say the bradwolfemusic site is quite inspiring. You might like to listen to some friends of mine: Galleons Lap (they're on myspace and

Take care!
Bridgett Hedrick said: (on Jan 25, 2009)
It was great to meet you! Glad you got to see the big event in DC.
Nick Read said: (on Jan 15, 2009)
Very touching and creative backlights. You are a very special talent Brad.
David Rappaport said: (on Jan 11, 2009)
whachoo mean?
Connor McIntyre said: (on Jan 7, 2009)
Sick site man, and great music. Oh and nice backbrite. Taking inspiration from Kona perhaps?
Karen Wolfe said: (on Jan 7, 2009)
Hmmm . . .thought you might recognize them. From my favorite people in the universe!!!!
JEANNE CANNON said: (on Jan 4, 2009)
I just saw the crayon thing and I love it! What an interesting way to give back :)
Erin Weston said: (on Dec 31, 2008)
welcome back!!
Kristyn said: (on Dec 19, 2008)
Half of me disbelieves you, the other half is now permanently afraid of Los Altos (but not squirrels).
Kristyn said: (on Dec 16, 2008)
Hey Brad! Is "following" you tantamount to friending someone on Facebook? This is a really fun idea... thanks for the invite!
Erin Weston said: (on Dec 10, 2008)
woah this backbrite is cool
Karis Findlan said: (on Dec 5, 2008)
thanks Brad. glad you hated Navy Pier, too. p.s. i also have a special fondness for The End of the Road by B II M... i can't help it - i'm not made of stone!
Erin Weston said: (on Nov 25, 2008)
thank you brad :)
Apple Ratana said: (on Nov 18, 2008)
Libras are hot! Great website.
Erin Weston said: (on Nov 11, 2008)
don't call me daughter.
Lana Barkhordarian said: (on Nov 10, 2008)
great job with the website!
Caitlin Looney said: (on Nov 9, 2008)
you did it man...
JEANNE CANNON said: (on Nov 7, 2008)
"Leavin'" I'm not promising that you'll like it :)
David Baron said: (on Oct 27, 2008)
great site brad! this thing is c-c-c-catchin on!
Cas Lucas said: (on Oct 25, 2008)
Hey man... thanks for including me in this.
Erin Weston said: (on Oct 23, 2008)
jenny miller is out of control!
B said: (on Oct 23, 2008)
My profile pic is a tower in Canada where they have a glass floor, kind of like a Space Needle in Seattle, but with a glass floor. Looks trippy and unsafe I agree.
Bridgett Hedrick said: (on Oct 21, 2008)
Thanks Brad. It was the funniest thing ever to do! Maybe oneday you will be able to buy your own in a store :)
Melissa Rapp said: (on Oct 20, 2008)
Music happiness this Friday in SF? hot tub, yummy food, etc? I'm thinking it's a good night for that. :)

I'm recording in LA this week...I'm so happy! We gots to get mr. wolfe back in the studio too. :)

see you soon!
Erin Weston said: (on Oct 15, 2008)
nice wall!!
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